Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello ! Welcome to my brand new adventure -- Blogging.

Today is a new adventure in the history of our country as well. It is the inauguration of our 44th president and as I watched it on TV, the statement by our president that we were a patchwork heritage making us strong made me think about my own heritage. I am a patchwork of German and Scotch descent physically but my spiritual heritage is bigger. As a believer in Jesus Christ I am a descendent of The King. I have been adopted into His forever family through Christ (John 1:12,13). Why, because He, Almighty God wanted me. Because He loves me (Eph 1:5). I had no say in my physical heritage. I took what my grandparents and parents gave me. But my spiritual heritage I embraced as I committed my life to Jesus. Oh it was there all the time, He was there all the time, but until I reached out and took hold of Jesus and said yes to Him, He was like a Christmas gift still unopened, waiting to give me His love and forgiveness; waiting for me to say yes to His offer of adoption. Ephesians 1 goes on to say in verses 6-8, "Now all praise to God for His wonderful kindness to us and His favor that He has poured out upon us, because we belong to His dearly loved Son. So overflowing in His kindness towards us that He took away all our sins through the blood of His Son, by who we are saved; and He has showered down upon us the richness of His grace -- for how well He understands us and knows what is best for us AT ALL TIMES" (TLB).

So in these very uncertain times I find great comfort and strength in my spiritual heritage because of the words AT ALL TIMES.