Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brenton Worsley -- a budding CEO/PASTOR

This Christmas our daughter Heather and her husband Jason and family visited us. It was a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' birth! We had rain, snow, sleet & hail all in one day. When it began to hail large hails stones we all ran outside to see if the sky was falling. Jason received several red welts as the hail hit is arms and we all looked like we had popcorn in our hair. The older kids, Isabel, Acacia & James had a grand time with Papa Steve making "hail balls" and bringing them in the house and watching them sizzle and melt on top of the wood stove. Jason braved the storm and made a little "hailman" on the railing of our deck.

Here is a picture of our newest grandson Brenton (Jan 10 was his 6 month birthday) in his festive executive onesy. I do believe that this is his first tie. What a cutie pie he is, to be sure. This was his first Christmas and we felt honored that he spent it with us.

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